Business Concepts, Inc. congratulates President Kate Hyland Mercer on her achievement!

Empowered, which features one of Kate's articles, was named #5 on New York Best Sellers List!


Each BCI Board is specifically designed to meet certain needs. Choose the Board that best suits you, and empower your business and career by your membership and affiliations. Don’t forget, each of your board members needs your valuable insights as well, so choose the board that your contribution can have the most impact!

Our goal is to create groups of ‘peers’. While no one has walked in your steps or exactly on your path, we use the ‘business ownership stake’ as the one that differentiates initially which group someone might be more interested in. Here’s a little bit about them:

The Women’s Boardroom is designed for women if you are a Business Owner, Partner, CEO, COO, Executive Director or have an ownership stake in the company, then the Women’s Boardroom is for you! Or, if you are in a positions of being an executive, senior managment, or leadership but do not have an ownership stake in the company, than the Women’s Executive Boardroom is for you!

Both groups have the same agenda. Here’s how they work:

Once a month, we gather in groups of 8-12 for a 3 hour forum on specific business issues, what’s new for you, accountability, and support. These groups are led by experienced facilitators and forum leaders. This group provides you an informal Advisory Board featuring members of your peer-group and provides a safe, interactive environment in which you can discuss critical business issues and gain insights and support in your business decision making. In addition, members get the following benefits:

  • A monthly Business Building Expert who will share with the group his or her unique perspective on relevant business topics such as marketing, sales, accounting, public speaking, negotiations, life balance, partnership issues, technology, tax challenges, finance, loans, employee issues/benefits, etc.
  • An opportunity to publish an article in our quarterly e-newsletter.
  • Direct Access to female business resources and connections.

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