Business Concepts, Inc. congratulates President Kate Hyland Mercer on her achievement!

Empowered, which features one of Kate's articles, was named #5 on New York Best Sellers List!


While women entrepreneurs come from diverse backgrounds and companies, we all share some common goals. Working together, the members of BCI’s Women Boards accomplish the following objectives:

  • Celebrate the success and diversity of women business owners and associate with them on a regular basis.
  • Increase business profitability and financial success of women business owners.
  • Provide a safe and confidential sounding board for issues not easily discussed with others.
  • Make better-informed decisions and achieve innovative solutions through confidential, respectful discussions in a non-competitive environment.
  • Create more effective big-picture thinking and systems to support your vision.
  • Generate a high return on your investments of time and money.
  • Continual learning in business, leadership, life, and blending these often conflicting goals.
  • Make strategic contacts and promote business development with like-minded women entrepreneurs.
  • Enhance personal satisfaction and gratitude!

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