Business Concepts, Inc. congratulates President Kate Hyland Mercer on her achievement!

Empowered, which features one of Kate's articles, was named #5 on New York Best Sellers List!

How we work

Supporting Business Leaders

As a member of one of BCI’s Mastermind boards, you’ll meet every month with fellow board members who share your entrepreneurial spirit and motivation. Your fellow board members are in similar situations but non-competitive fields.

You’ll join a group of 10 others, forming tight bonds of friendship, professional camaraderie, mutual accountability, and mentoring. Through structured discussion, relevant educational tools and interactive engagement, you’ll develop the skills to generate concrete personal and professional growth opportunities. BCI creates individual geographically groups as demand dictates and board meetings typically take place during regular working hours.

All programs are coordinated and run by facilitators who are ‘best of class’ and have run their own businesses or have more than 20 years of hands-on business experience. The current phase of the business, revenue numbers, number of employees (if any), and current growth goals are used to help determine the group most beneficial for each member.

Because of the high level of trust and confidentiality required for a board of advisors to be successful, members must be accountable to each other and willing to make a 12 month commitment to be on the board.

While each group helps designs the flow of its own board, the facilitators provide structured time for each member to discuss their pressing issues and business challenges.

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