Business Concepts, Inc. congratulates President Kate Hyland Mercer on her achievement!

Empowered, which features one of Kate's articles, was named #5 on New York Best Sellers List!

Core Values

Our top ten core values are based on the same values that many women entrepreneurs have based their companies on for years, including:

  • Integrity: Say what you mean (even when it’s hard) and mean what you say.
  • Trust and Respect of Self and Others: Build a safe haven for learning and growth.
  • Participate and Give Back: You’re never a spectator. When you’re a player on a BCI Women’s Board, you’re expected to share your experiences and expertise to uplift the entire group.
  • Insatiable Learning Quest: Pursue excellence and be a student of opportunity.
  • Faith: Bet on your own abilities and the abilities of your colleagues.
  • Focus on Results: Tapping our limitless motivation and the energy and creativity of others, we focus on quantifiable and measurable results.
  • Innovation: Create, seek and celebrate once-in-a-lifetime experiences.
  • Openness: Provide and be receptive to constructive criticism, knowing that others may have answers that you haven’t considered.
  • Balance: Even as we work collaboratively to move forward our businesses and careers, we never lose sight of the delicate balance we must achieve in all facets of our lives.
  • Safe Haven: Always remember that when you participate in a BCI Women’s Board, you’re among a safe, mutually supportive, warm and welcoming group of women.

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