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Womens Boards

When you join a BCI Women’s Board, you’ll gather with women like you: Highly motivated, smart and successful business owners, executives or leaders who want the benefits of participating in a dynamic and exciting venue to leverage our collective power, experience and knowledge. The Women’s Boards respond to our unique needs as female executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders. We have two tracks:

  • The Women’s Boardroom — typically for the solo-prenuer and small business owner
  • The Women’s Executive Board — typically for corporate leaders and executives as well as business owners of companies over $5M

Wondering if it might be right for you? Check out our 5 questions to see Who should Join?

What’s the Regional Background?

As of 2006, according to the Center for Women’s Business Research, there are an estimated 530,319 privately-held, 50 percent or more women-owned firms in the New England region. These businesses generate more than $104 billion in sales and employ 644,044 people. These firms account for 37.2 percent of all privately-held firms in the region, and include an estimated 409,090 privately-held, majority (51 percent or more) women-owned firms in the New England region, accounting for 28.7 percent of all privately-held firms in the region.

Between 1997 and 2006, the Center estimates that the number of these firms in the New England region increased by 43.0 percent and sales increased by 38.2 percent. The latest numbers are even more impressive!

Even as more women-owned businesses become operational and existing women-owned businesses become more powerful economic entities, it’s increasingly clear that female executives and business owners have unique professional and personal development needs which current networking and peer groups simply don’t meet.

That’s about to change!

What’s the Local Background?

Business Concepts, Inc. empowers diverse women entrepreneurs and female executives to build successful businesses and advance their professional and personal lives. Founded and owned by women for women, our Women’s Boards are exclusively designed for the female business owners, entrepreneurs, C-level, and executives who seek resources, learning opportunities, collaboration and networking with like-minded peers. Since our inception in 2002, BCI has worked successfully and effectively with dozens of women-led businesses throughout New England and Florida, providing female business leaders with tools, tactics and techniques to generate quantifiable results.

Our Women Boards are designed and committed:

  • To build, maintain and sustain an influential community of female entrepreneurs who share experiences, knowledge, victories and defeats, leverage resources and follow our individual dreams, together.
  • To provide on-going education and peer mentoring in a forum which generates solutions to the unique challenges women entrepreneurs face every day.
  • To be an inclusive, accessible and mutually supportive center in which women identify and secure the resources to grow their businesses on their own terms and to accelerate the achievement of their dreams.
  • To foster the personal and business growth of women leaders throughout their careers and provide opportunities for women business leaders to grow, share, strive for excellence, and ‘give back’.

The non-competitive and mutually supportive business environment within each of Women’s Board groups fosters the honest sharing of challenges without concern of competition.  Check out more about how the group works or our core values, offerings, objectives, and vision!