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Keep Me on Target

I get by with a little help from my friends…” –The Beatles

KMOT™ PartnerShip Program is a peer accountability partnership group designed to help business leaders get a fresh perspective on daily challenges and get more done in less time. This program supports people in business by providing a safe place to discuss opportunities, challenges, successes, and disappointments, and opportunities to commit to action steps for the long term as well as the next 10 days. Membership is open to business owners and leaders, or individuals who are very action oriented.

Education to Bridge the Gaps

As part of the KMOT™ PartnershipProgram we have monthly educational seminars or ‘tele-clinics’ focused on bridging the gaps in the knowledge that’s preventing us from moving out of working ‘in’ the business instead of working ‘on’ the business.

Two tele-clinics are offered each month last between 60-76 minutes each. We will cover topics like time management, overcoming procrastination, and motivating others to catch your vision. The goal of these seminars is to educate and support KMOT™ participants through a convenient and fun way to learn more, brainstorm and connect with others, as well as offer a larger forum for discussing challenges that business owners just haven’t been able to conquer on their own. As a bonus offering, the group facilitaotor will offer participants the opportunity of partnering up with a specific accountability partner each month, based on an as-interested basis. KMOT™ partners will get guidance and guidelines to best support each other for the month they are together. The accountability partner program is not required, but highly recommended for those who want to see success in the shortest amount of time. Our tele-clinics will be facilitated by a professional coach and occasionally feature experts in our soft-skills topic of the month.

Judgment Free Zone

The KMOT™ Judegement Free Zone guidelines will be spelled out and agreed to by each participant of our program before joining in on a tele-clinic. Members will be expected to sign a non-disclosure document, as well as a code of ethics and behavior agreement to protect everyone in the program.

GOOD™ Model:  Goal, Obstacles, Options, and Do-actions

In this program, the GOOD ™ model will be used to structure our conversations and to help identify a partner’s desired goal, the obstacles holding him/her back from achieving the goal, and what options are available.


This KMOT™ PartnershipProgram requires a minimum of two and 1/2 hours of personal, professional, and intellectual commitment. Why so much time? There are two one hour tele-clinics and additional field work that you may choose to commit to complete. This program is designed for those who want MORE out of themselves and their business. For those who are going to use it to get more done on the job, leverage the education and the one-to-one Partner bonus, you may wish to commit more time. This program is not for the feint-hearted or the posture-er as our group mandates respect and honesty, and may reveal a tendency to procrastinate, overcommit, or other imperfections of each of us.

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