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Strong Teams

Leadership Training is more than just  reading a good book. Its about teaching the leader and team members the skills needed to perform at a high level.

First we have to agree on what makes a great team. We believe the base characteristics are:

Cooperation and Mutual respect between individuals who are well-trained, educated and experience in their skills, in a democratic environment.

We assume the members have their area  of expertise ‘handled’, i.e. they are good at their subject matter. But, we all know intellectually, that is not enough. How do you teach trust? How do you teach members and leaders of a team to coach each other into more cooperative behavior or honoring that different is good? A good team with an excellent leader can go on to accomplish great things, but how?  In our Leadership Academy, we work with emotional intelligence, assessment tools, and hands-on exercises specific to your company to instill the skills we are trying to teach. We do not believe that referencing a good book is how adults learn… we believe you have to ‘put your hand to the plow’ and do it.

What you focus on grows.

We teach workshops to recongnize, amplify and focus on  strengths, not weaknesses. Our workshops are full and half days, as well as shorter classes over a 3 month time period. Contact us for a list of specific courses to choose from, or to see if we can customize a workshop for your company specifically. Let us help you move your team “from good to great”.