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Business Coaching

Is your business achieving the results you want?

Business Concepts’ one-on-one coaching opportunity is the best way to invest in yourself and your business. Partnering with a business coach provides you with the focused attention you need to accelerate your success. It becomes your competitive advantage! We applaud your desire to find out what coaching can do for you! We have 3 coaching programs and My Admin Department™ to support your goals and to make your progress easier!

Get Results Faster and Easier

Embraced by a wide range of individuals and companies, from IBM, AT&T and Kodak, to Goldman Sachs and Ernst & Young, coaching is quickly becoming one of the top tools that today’s leaders, executives and entrepreneurs use to run successful businesses and lead great lives. Part personal advisor, part sounding board and part strategist, your coach is someone who is specifically focused on you and your success.

As professional athletes have known for years, having someone work directly with you to point out things you can’t see, keep encouraging, holding you accountable to keeping your commitments, and challenging you to achieve your greatest potential is invaluable. That’s what a coach is for you.

— Michelle Schubnel

Our Programs

The Peak Performer

The Peak Performer Program is our most popular coaching program and is designed to completely support business owners as they make real changes in their business as well as in their behaviors to achieve the goals they desire. This program consists of two (2) meetings each month for up to 1 ½ hours and unlimited (reasonable) telephone and email support each week as needed. The Peak Performer Program is designed for business owners who want to make large strides forward in a short amount of time or are undertaking a large shift in how the business is being run (start up, company direction, target clients, sales process, marketing, operations, partner issues, future planning, etc.) This program blends both Coaching and Consulting tools, and includes aspects of business process reviews, recommendations, and tactical training, as needed. Sometimes, this program is accompanied by a workbook which will be included if required. There is no minimum length of commitment; however we recommend at least 6 months to see lasting results.

Transition’s Program

The Transitions Program is designed for clients who have either already completed the Peak Performer program and want to keep on track through regular ‘tune-ups’ OR are have been using the Help Desk and are now ready to step up their commitment to excel in their business. The Transitions program consists of one coaching session per month (1 ½ hours), generally face to face, and three (3) 15 minute ‘update’ calls per month with their Coach. Clients involved in this program typically work with their Coach for approximately 12 months, but there is no minimum requirement.

The Help Desk

Our Help Desk ‘micro-coaching’ program is designed for the business owner that needs answers, NOW, to varied and perhaps un-connected business questions but does not have the time, money or ability to wait 3-6 months to discover the answers. The Help Desk program consists of two (2) 20 minute ‘micro-coaching’ sessions each month for a minimum of six months. You and the coach are the only two in this confidential conversation and the topic can be anything that the business owner faces: sales, marketing, process, employees, legal, finance, accounting, operations, or any other topic. Because of the depth of experience of your coach, your questions will receive laser sharp answers you can immediately apply to your situation and make the changes you need to as soon as you hang up the phone. This fast paced and specific program is afford ably priced and has a six month commitment.

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