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Growing Your Business

Get Results Faster and Easier

  • Tired of working so hard and still feeling like you haven’t accomplished much?
  • Wish you could actually get to everything that is on your to-do list?
  • Starting to prioritize those things that will not get done?

You are not alone. You are smart! You work unbelievably hard! However, you just don’t seem to be learning all the things you need to learn fast enough, have enough money, time, or people, and you’re beginning to wonder if you can get this to really work before you run out of steam!  Business Owners who have participated in our Business Building program find that we understand them. We are experts in small business operations and understand the challenges you are facing. Our Business Building Program is designed to help you focus on your key priorities, regardless of the many distractions clamoring for your immediate attention, and hold you to a higher standard which requires you to follow through on the things you committed to completing. Sound like a lot of work? No…it’s just different work!

How does the Business Building Program actually work?

Our Business Building Program follows a structured framework that is customized to specifically fit your company’s needs and vision. Our step-by-step, 10 module program, is designed to move your business to the next level of growth as you work one-on-one with a business growth mentor. Each step evaluates where the business is today, what’s working, and then defines which parts need improvement. Some of the issues we cover are tactical, some are operational and some include sales and marketing concepts. We start at the business foundation level and begin the review with you, the leader. We examine your definition of success, your business vision (do you have one that’s relevant?), and the benefits you will reap when your business is working for you (imagine!). The next eight modules focus on who you serve, what you offer, and how you offer it, and what to do next!

With guidance from your mentor, you create and implement an action plan designed to achieve your goals for your  business and your life. Our proprietary literature and worksheets help you clarify the goals of your company, who you’re selling to, how you offer what you sell, how to make and keep loyal customers, and then help you to focus on how to implement new or improved processes in your business.

Owners who have participated in our Business Building Program reach their goals more quickly and more consistently than owners who try to do it on their own. They enjoy working with a mentor who has direct experience in starting, operating and growing a service-based business. The structure and on-going meetings give you the confidence to get the results you want immediately and longer-term.This customized program has helped dozens of companies grow nationwide. It can help you!

Ready for the Next Step?

Interested in a complimentary and confidential discussion on how our Business Building programs can make a difference in your business? Would you like a no obligation Business Check-up? Let us know and we’ll get the ball rolling!

Together we’ll be able to determine which growth program is the right investment for you. After the initial free consultation, we’ll give you an estimated range of time suggested to complete this program. The time frame remains completely dependent on how committed you are to improving and growing your business.