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Advising and Consulting Business Support Program

This program is designed to bring in the best resources for each specific challenge your company faces, and our program is customized to each company’s needs. Our goal is to help you honor your own priorities by providing advice that will assist you. We do not make decisions for you or on your behalf, instead, we co-develop a plan with you to face your challenges and work with you to implement solutions and ensure that results are achieved.

Program Details

  • You are assigned an advisor who functions as the program coordinator
  • Specialists will be brought in on an as needed basis to provide hands-on assistance
  • The Business Advisory Team typically consists of 3 people, and often these specialists will alternate based on the needs and topics that are being addressed at a specific time.
  • The Business Support Program is one year in length and is made up of a specific number of hours and support.
  • Typically, we meet once every two weeks, but that can also be adjusted to meet the needs of the company.

Ask Yourself “Do I…”

  • Have confidence in my business model, but can’t seem to achieve that breakthrough growth to scale up my business?
  • See the need for a board of directors or advisors but can’t afford it?
  • Face business challenges on my own without the outside resources larger companies might rely on?

We Stand by You

Business Concepts, Inc. provides practical, professional support for businesses so entrepreneurs can fully achieve their objectives.  We help leaders focus on critical growth barriers with well-rounded advice and counseling on business, organizational and personal effectiveness. As an owner and entrepreneur, you face difficult and complicated decisions without the resources available to larger companies. Often, the day-to-day demands of running your business prevent you from identifying objectives and implementing strategies that will improve your operation and grow your business. Using this effective program can align you more clearly with how you can grow and run your company to meet and exceed your original dreams.

Ready for the Next Step?

Sign up for a no-obligation, free Business Checkup. After an hour of discussion, we’ll be able to determine if your company could benefit from working with our Business Support Program. Its free, so you have nothing to loose and the future to gain! Take action on purpose!

Not ready yet? We can help….

Not only does Business Concepts offer advising and consulting, but we are totally committed to Making Progress Easier for the business owner through other, less traditional vehicles, as well. Every service we offer focus on empowering  the business owner, either directly, through coaching or advising, or indirectly, by helping them offer the employees of the business more without additional costs or increasing the profitability of the firm. Over the years, we have been able to add services in addition to our expert coaching services, like off-site administration supportworkshops and clinics, and employee health and supplemental benefits.

Because we have successfully started and run other companies, we understand first hand what the small business owner is facing, and how critical support in these other arenas can be.  Our experience walking in those shoes allows us to more quickly connect with owners and share real-life insights differently than those who have never done it, or  never had employees of their own.  We’ve been helping service based businesses since 2002. Interested to see if our experience might save you time or money? Let us know. Our first consultation is always free.