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Empowered, which features one of Kate's articles, was named #5 on New York Best Sellers List!

How We Measure Results

The most important measure of how we do what we do is how the Client measures our performance! Since each project is different, we measure the results, improvements and changes against the defined expected outcome of the project. The only real statistic that matters to us is the one that says:  Is the client happy with the results? Some clients have measured an increase in sales and profit, others measure success in terms of meeting specific goals. If the client aint happy, no body is happy!

Client Success Examples

  • We helped one firm move from $2M in revenue to $4M and they have plans to be on their way to $6M.
  • Another client needed help transitioning from worker to CEO. Once she stopped doing the work that her crew did, she was better able to function as the CEO and saw distinctive results. She had specific measures for when she would be acting like a CEO and while we helped her define them, it was her measurement of achievement that worked!

We also care about how the project is going during the program. At any time during our work together, if a client feels they are not receiving more value from us than you are paying for, you have the option of working with us to correct our deficiencies, canceling our agreement immediately, or moving into a different program that better suits you, without penalty! We strive to make 100% of our clients ‘raving fans’ and want you more than satisfied with our work. Interested in a free consultation to see how we might work with your company? Let us try to turn you into a raving fan!