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Kate and Kelley acted more like a partners than hired webmasters. They not only facilitated a website that exceeded my expectations but they actually helped me refine and define my market as a professional speaker. Kate is so intelligent in her approach to design and communication that she actualized my vision with great precision and efficiency. Her personality is so warm and upbeat that she actually inspired me and that is usually why I get hired! My experience of Business Concepts Inc. was fantastic throughout the entire process!
Mark Schulman, Drummer, Producer, Speaker

Business Concepts, Inc. congratulates President Kate Hyland Mercer on her achievement!

Empowered, which features one of Kate's articles, was named #5 on New York Best Sellers List!

Insights from Experience

Business Concepts, Inc. is on a mission to enable small businesses to flourish, regardless of the economic times, and to give the owners the tools necessary to run a successful company. We have specific business-ownership expertise and can provide real-world insight from the experience of having started and run multiple successful companies.

Do You…

  • Want to see dramatic improvements in your small business?
  • Want to be profitable, regardless of the economy?
  • Want to increase how quickly your customers pay?
  • Need more sales? cash? profit? time?
  • Feel tired of talking to consultants who can tell you what needs to be done but can’t help you do it or haven’t actually been in the trenches?

BCI is a professional services firm that provides expert business coaching and consulting services in the areas of operations, systems, sales, and management. We specialize in increasing the profitability of small businesses and are committed to their success by advising and implementing proven best practices in these critical areas.

We never recommend a solution without first determining the current state of affairs. In the beginning we spend some time discussing and evaluating the goal with the leadership team to get a clear understanding of what the desired outcome is for each project. We then determine how the client wants to work with us (advising, consulting, or business coaching). Once we agree on the budget and the strategy, we get to work on the steps necessary to achieve your specific goals and objectives. If you would like to improve performance, let us know and we’ll take the first step with our no-obligation, Business Check-up!

We’ve been helping and empowering service based businesses since 2002 and have both tactical and strategic expertise. We can help you!